Please help me!! I’m Tweeting, and I can’t stop!!!!!

Okay, I got­ta admit that I’ve been skep­ti­cal about the val­ue of Twit­ter. Lawyers tend to delude them­selves into believ­ing that they think impor­tant and deep thoughts. For exam­ple: “I just read an inter­est­ing arti­cle on res ipsa loquitur and its rela­tion­ship to the Philip­pines pro­bate code. Would you please pass the Chardon­nay and the shrimp tem­pu­ra?” And let’s face it, how good are lawyers at being brief? Lawyers are almost con­gen­i­tal­ly inca­pable of express­ing them­selves in 140 char­ac­ters or less.

But my army of mar­ket­ing con­sul­tants (er, all the mar­ket­ing dudes writ­ing on the Inter­net) says Twit­ter and Face­book have real busi­ness val­ue for lawyers (every­one assumes lawyers are too anti-social to actu­al­ly use those sites for their orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed social pur­pos­es). So I’ve done some mod­er­ate­ly care­ful look­ing at Twit­ter and have decid­ed to jump on the band­wag­on. Of course, now that I am on that band­wag­on, I think Twit­ter is the great­est thing since sliced bread. Here it is, my but­ton so you can fol­low me on Twit­ter:

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What am I Tweet­ing about (like most peo­ple above 23, I ini­tial­ly asso­ci­at­ed the word “Tweet­ing” with some­thing that was drip­ping down my leg)? I have only been Tweet­ing a few weeks, so I am still get­ting my sea legs. But here is a list of things I have been and expect to be Tweet­ing about:

  • Employ­ment-relat­ed legal issues. This is the main area of my prac­tice, and most of my Tweets will be on this top­ic.
  • Legal issues relat­ing to the med­ical indus­try (much of my employ­ment lit­i­ga­tion is in the med­ical indus­try).
  • Oth­er legal issues which I think may be of inter­est to my “fol­low­ers” (I feel the pow­er cours­ing through my veins).
  • Time man­age­ment and orga­ni­za­tion­al skills. Like most lawyers and busi­ness peo­ple, I am always look­ing for ways to become more effi­cient, so I can spend more time con­cen­trat­ing on deep thoughts.
  • Com­put­er and soft­ware prod­ucts & issues that might be of inter­est to lawyers and busi­ness peo­ple.
  • Media issues. I teach a class at Fair­mont State Uni­ver­si­ty on legal and eth­i­cal issues in media, and I am espe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in media bias in gen­er­al and specif­i­cal­ly relat­ing to polit­i­cal cov­er­age.

My Tweets will almost always con­tain a link to an Inter­net-based sto­ry or arti­cle, so the points is usu­al­ly to pro­vide peo­ple fol­low­ing me a brief expla­na­tion to an inter­est­ing arti­cle on the Inter­net (remem­ber, the 140 char­ac­ter lim­it).

Try­ing to put a mean­ing­ful mes­sage into 140 char­ac­ters (or less) is chal­leng­ing, but it reminds me that lit­i­ga­tion lawyers espe­cial­ly should always think about how to sim­pli­fy and short­en their mes­sage. Lawyers in prepar­ing for tri­al almost always think they need nine years to present their case to a jury, and judges almost always think the lawyer needs no more than 140 char­ac­ters. So lawyers have to short­en and sim­pli­fy their mes­sage, and have to weed out all the extra­ne­ous garbage.

That need reminds me of one of my favorite books, and what is arguably the moth­er of all exam­ples of the need to con­dense and weed out—the gold-plat­ed LP on the Voy­ager space­craft. The book is Mur­murs of Earth by Carl Sagan. In 1977 NASA launched two space­craft named “Voy­ager”, with the pur­pose of trav­el­ing past our solar sys­tem into the stars. Each space­craft con­tained a gold-plat­ed long-play­ing record (in oth­er words, an old “LP”). The LP was a “call­ing card” to alien beings who might one day find one of these space­craft. This book is by the peo­ple who were chiefly respon­si­ble for select­ing what went on that LP. Think about it. If you had the lim­it­ed space of an old LP: (a) what greet­ings would you send from plant earth, (b) what sounds from earth would you put on the LP, © what pic­tures from earth would you put on the LP, and (d) what music from earth would you put on it? This book is about what Carl Sagan and oth­ers select­ed, and why.

So, you are shoot­ing a space­craft into the heav­ens, and you have only a sin­gle, gold-plat­ed LP to place the “mes­sage” from plan­et Earth which you want alien beings to receive. What text, what pic­tures, what sounds, and what music from your plan­et Earth do you want them to receive as the first mes­sage from Earth? They know noth­ing about you and your plan­et, so what is the sto­ry you want to tell? Breath­tak­ing!!

So there is my pur­port­ed­ly deep thought for the day, in writ­ing about Twit­ter and its 140 char­ac­ters. So pass the Bud Light, and put the TV back on the wrestling match.

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