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Drew Capuder Will Be Speaking at Sterling Employment Law Seminar

On March 29, 2017, I will be speaking and presenting an article on “The Perilous Intersection of FMLA and ADA,” at a seminar hosted by Sterling Education Services. The Seminar, “Employment Law: Rights, Benefits, and Emerging Issues,” will take place in Morgantown, West Virginia. If you would like to attend the seminar click here for more information and a registration form.

Here is the agenda for my speech and article:

  1. FMLA updates
  2. ADA updates and EEOC guidelines
    1. Expansion of what can be considered a “disability”
    2. What constitutes “reasonable accommodation” according to the EEOC
    3. Discrimination and violations
    4. Review and update written policies and job descriptions
  3. Overlap of FMLA and ADA: finding the right balance

Please help me!! I’m Tweeting, and I can’t stop!!!!!

Okay, I gotta admit that I’ve been skeptical about the value of Twitter. Lawyers tend to delude themselves into believing that they think important and deep thoughts. For example: “I just read an interesting article on res ipsa loquitur and its relationship to the Philippines probate code. Would you please pass the Chardonnay and the shrimp tempura?” And let’s face it, how good are lawyers at being brief? Lawyers are almost congenitally incapable of expressing themselves in 140 characters or less.

But my army of marketing consultants (er, all the marketing dudes writing on the Internet) says Twitter and Facebook have real business value for lawyers (everyone assumes lawyers are too anti-social to actually use those sites for their originally intended social purposes). So I’ve done some moderately careful looking at Twitter and have decided to jump on the bandwagon. Of course, now that I am on that bandwagon, I think Twitter is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Here it is, my button so you can follow me on Twitter:

Follow DrewCapuder on Twitter

What am I Tweeting about (like most people above 23, I initially associated the word “Tweeting” with something that was dripping down my leg)? I have only been Tweeting a few weeks, so I am still getting my sea legs. But here is a list of things I have been and expect to be Tweeting about:

  • Employment-related legal issues. This is the main area of my practice, and most of my Tweets will be on this topic.
  • Legal issues relating to the medical industry (much of my employment litigation is in the medical industry).
  • Other legal issues which I think may be of interest to my “followers” (I feel the power coursing through my veins).
  • Time management and organizational skills. Like most lawyers and business people, I am always looking for ways to become more efficient, so I can spend more time concentrating on deep thoughts.
  • Computer and software products & issues that might be of interest to lawyers and business people.
  • Media issues. I teach a class at Fairmont State University on legal and ethical issues in media, and I am especially interested in media bias in general and specifically relating to political coverage.

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Drew Capuder will be speaking on retaliation law on Oct 29-30, 2010 at Oglebay Park in Wheeling

I will be speaking (and presenting on article) on recent developments in retaliation under federal and West Virginia employment law on either October 29 or 30, 2010 at the annual conference of the West Virginia Employment Lawyers Association. The conference will be at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. The final schedule is not out yet, so I don’t know whether my speech with be on October 29 or 30.

Retaliation law in recent years has been one of those developing areas, and much more often than not the movement in the case law has been in the direction of expanding protections for employees against retaliation. The US Supreme Court especially has focused on retaliation law, and has “plugged gaps” in the law for federal employees to include protection for retaliation claims, has lowered the threshold for what is actionable retaliation, and has broadened the definition of “opposition” which entitles employees to protection.

One of the dangers for employers from retaliation claims is that, after an employee complains about alleged discrimination, the employer may be guilty of retaliation even if a jury decides there was no discrimination to support the employee’s original complaint. An employee may succeed in a retaliation claim as long as his complaint was made in good faith, even if the employee was wrong about the complaint of discrimination.

In the prior 2 years at the annual conference for WVELA, I spoke and wrote articles on awards of attorneys’ fees under employment discrimination laws, and on age discrimination.

Drew Capuder will be speaking on disability and sexual harassment issues in Morgantown Oct. 20, 2010

I will be speaking (and presenting articles)  at a seminar sponsored by Sterling Education Services on October 20, 2010 in Morgantown, West Virginia, entitled “Fundamentals of Employment Law”.

I will be speaking (and presenting articles) on “Sexual, Racial, and Other Harassment in the Workplace” and “ADA and FMLA Update”.

Here is the full agenda, and here is the faculty information. The seminar will provide around 6-8 hours of continuing education credit for lawyers (I don’t know the exact number, but the seminar is a full day).

You can register for the the seminar online. For further information, you can contact Sterling, and their number is 715-855-0498.

Drew Capuder’s Employment Law News

Drew Capuder This blog by Drew Capuder will be the location on Capuder Fantasia PLLC‘s web site for news on employment law. We will cover important court decisions, especially from the West Virginia Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

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