You can download most of the articles on this blog as PDFs from JD Supra. The downloadable PDF versions of my blog articles have all the hyperlink functionality that is present on my blog. For printing, the hard copies printed from the PDFs should be identical to what you see on screen (unlike printing from this blog–and virtually all blogs).

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Below are the articles that I have published to my account on JD Supra. These articles consist mostly of pieces from this blog, converted to PDFs for uploading to JD Supra (“PDF” stands for Portable Document Format). JD Supra allows you to download the articles as either PDFs or Word documents. However, the format that I intended to make available on JD Supra is Adobe Acrobat PDF. The Word documents will have minor formatting irregularities, and they are lacking the hyperlink functionality. Click here to download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs.

Written by Drew M. Capuder (contact information); Voice 304-333-5261

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