You can sub­scribe to the arti­cles in my blog a num­ber of dif­fer­ent ways. Here are some of your options:

Sub­scribe using the form below:

The eas­i­est way to sub­scribe to my blog, so that you auto­mat­i­cal­ly receive emails noti­fy­ing you of my new blog arti­cles, is to use the email sub­scrip­tion form (labeled “Sub­scribe to Blog Via Email”) in the right hand col­umn on this blog (and if you are on a tablet or a phone, the sub­scrip­tion form may appear near the bot­tom of the page). Enter your email address in the sub­scrip­tion form and click the sub­scribe but­ton.

After you enter your email address and click “Sub­scribe”, you will receive an email ask­ing you to con­firm your sub­scrip­tion by click­ing a link in the con­fir­ma­tion email, and then you are sub­scribed.

Sub­scribe with this wid­get:

Click on this wid­get (the “Sub­scribe” but­ton below), and it will give you sev­er­al options for sub­scrib­ing to my blog:


For those of you who are not famil­iar with the con­cept of RSS (real­ly sim­ple syn­di­ca­tion) feeds, click here for a help­ful arti­cle at Wikipedia.

Sub­scribe through Oulook’s RSS feed set­tings:

If you use Microsoft Out­look for email, you can con­fig­ure it so that you will auto­mat­i­cal­ly receive emails when­ev­er I post new blog arti­cles. The email you receive is cus­tomiz­able, but by using the Out­look default options this will hap­pen: after I post new blog arti­cle, the next time you open Out­look, Out­look will iden­ti­fy the fact there there is a new blog arti­cle, and you will receive en email includ­ing the blog arti­cle, with a link to go to the full arti­cle in your Inter­net brows­er on my blog site.

Here are the steps for telling Out­look 2007 to “sub­scribe” to my blog so that you receive emails with new blog arti­cles (and the instruc­tions are sim­i­lar for oth­er ver­sions of Out­look):

  1. In Out­look, pull down your Tools menu, and chose “Account set­tings”.
  2. That opens the Account set­tings dia­log box, and click on the “RSS Feeds” tab.
  3. In the RSS Feeds tab, click the “New” but­ton.
  4. That opens a small dia­log enti­tled “New RSS Feed”. Insert into that dia­log box my RSS feed URL  for my blog: and then click the Add but­ton.
  5. That will open a dia­log box enti­tled “RSS Feed Options”.
  6. That dia­log should have the name of my blog in the “Feed name”. Make any changes you wish (usu­al­ly no changes will be nec­es­sary), and click the OK but­ton.
  7. That takes you can to the “Account Set­tings” dia­log box.
  8. My blog name will be added to your list of RSS feeds, prob­a­bly with a “pend­ing” indi­ca­tion that will go away even­tu­al­ly after you close the dia­log box. Click the Close but­ton to close this dia­log box.
  9. Unless you change any of the defaults in the RSS Feed Options page, Out­look will then auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ate a Mail sub-fold­er enti­tled “Drew Capuder’s Employ­ment Law Blog”. By default, that sub-fold­er should be in a Mail fold­er enti­tled “RSS Feeds”. Out­look then down­loads as emails copies  of the last sev­er­al arti­cles on my blog, and each email con­tains a link to go to the com­plete arti­cle on my blog site.
  10. After that, when­ev­er I post a new arti­cle to my blog, you will auto­mat­i­cal­ly receive an email in Out­look.

Your can read Microsoft’s instruc­tions on RSS feeds in Out­look here.

Writ­ten by Drew M. Capud­er (con­tact infor­ma­tion); Voice 304–333-5261